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This is a mentorship not a tutorial!

What you will get:
– around 45min HD video with an audio commentary
– a layered psd file with an overpaint of your image

Hello future concept artist!

If you purchase this product you will get a 30 to 45min full HD video with an audio commentary of an overpainting of an image you send me plus a psd file. I strongly believe that the fastest and the most efficient way to grow as an artist is to learn on your mistakes. So instead of a boring theory and tutorials you will get a personalized feedback where I will point out your weaknesses and I will show you the way how to eliminate them and improve your work.
I want it to be a creative process and I want to force you to explore new territories so I will ask you to pick up a genre and I will send a short description of the image I want to get. For example, if you like medieval period I will ask you to paint a scene of a caravan of warriors coming back to the castle on the cliff which is being attack by a dragon. But I want you to surprise me. Maybe you can design a type of a dragon no one has ever seen before or the castle will be set on Mars. Be as much crazy as you can.

You will get the video within 2 weeks after you send me your art by email. Please read the instruction file. My email: dybowski.andrzej@yahoo.com

IMPORTANT: The overpaint will not be a completely finished and rendered illustration. It will be done only for a learning purpose to help you grow as an artist, not to get a job done for you. You must not include an overpainted image in your porfolio as it will not be solely your work.